The Energy Of Crystals

Some crystals have the capability to purify and strengthen the Chakras and also the Aura: the Amethyst, particularly, has some rather remarkable properties.

Crystals act consuming energy transmission and also by tuning the vibrations of theirs to those of the different subtle bodies. They absorb, concentrate, transform and also transmit electromagnetic power since they’ve been in the magnetic field of the planet earth for countless years.

Like cosmic transmitter receivers, they bring the universal cosmic power from the spiritual level, bringing it inside the access of the actual physical body that may subsequently take in and use it.

The chakras link the actual physical body with the skillful bodies of the bio magnetic envelope, the aura, which surrounds it. They distribute the essential force through the subtle and physical bodies through a subtle network (similar to the meridians in acupuncture) created by the nadis. If a chakra becomes blocked and congested, the blood circulation of the slight energy is affected, leading to disharmony on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level and eventually leading to issues in different aspects of life.

Amethysts particularly have the capability to free up these energy blockages, re establishing a purified plus unified aura. You are able to purchase crystals rather cheaply, in their many sizes and types. The style of the transparent crystal ranges from the really palest lilac to deepest purple. It’s naturally pointed, but might additionally be rounded, and in the form of a geode.

A word of advice: when choosing the amethyst of yours, let follow instructions by the intuition of yours, the stone you will need can be drawn to the interest of yours in one of the ways or any other (thanks to the design of its, its brilliance, its color, its sheen, etc.)

Once you have purchased the Crystal of yours, cleanse it under running water for a couple of minutes, then put it in sunlight for many hours (if there is zero sunshine, visualize a bright white light radiating onto the crystal). Ask it, in the head of yours, to tune into the personal frequency of yours, the private vibration of yours, in case you prefer. Immediately after every use, constantly cleanse it in running water. Plus, keep in mind that in case you have it on the individual of yours, and ensure that it stays someplace safe, it is going to absorb any bad energy and can thus need regular cleansing (running water).