Crystals Healing Power

Crystals are utilized for an assortment of purposes for a huge number of years… and during the last thirty years or so individuals have been making use of them for healing purposes. My very first introduction to the strength of crystals was at just where I learned:

Where to not work with the crystals of yours

This absolutely intrigued me and also captured my attention… so after the workshop, I began an experiment. And this is something which I highly encourage you to do also. Test with something that I show you. Change it into something that you have and can definitely relate to.

What I discovered was it actually is true… various crystals have various vibrations and so they produce results that are different. Among the crystals that I simply like working with will be the amethyst crystal.

Perhaps it’s the purple and additionally the violet which enhances spiritual development… & I discovered that when I held an amethyst crystal in the hand of mine – I managed to visit realms that I had not actually conceived of previously. I explored deep in my personal psyche… I encourage you to enjoy your spiritual health and wellbeing with the aid of this particular crystal.

Amethyst Crystal Purifies Water

I additionally discovered that by placing an amethyst crystal in the bath jug… instead of purifying the water of ours by way of a drinking water purification system – by placing little amethyst crystals in the water jug of ours purified our water.

An alchemical procedure occurred where all the flavor as well as the chlorine which comes from non purified tap water (which is usually very unpleasant)… was taken out of the water and this was extremely tasty to drink.

We have purified the water of ours this way for some twenty five years.

Patterning Crystals

Today, among the elements which I experimented with – and this is something which you are able to do also – was holding a crystal in the hand of mine and think the absolutely perfect vibration for the proprietor of the crystal would descend from the heavens through the bodily body of mine and also vibrationally empower the crystal therefore the owner of the crystal would feel the consequences of that vibration.